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Rukmini's Letter to Shri Krishna- Scenes from TV Series 'Mahabharat', 'Shri Krishna' and 'Krishnavataar' Novel

Dear Friends, we all know how Rukmini, the Princess of Vidarbha, sent her message to Shri Krishna expressing her wish to marry him and to save her from getting married to Shishupal (acc to the wish of her brother Rukmi). The Lord accepted her wish, came and married her. Such a beautiful incident!!

Today I am including the same sequence from B R Chopra's Mahabharat, Ramanand Saagar's Shri Krishna and a K M Munshi's Krishnavatara novel.

First, I am taking up the scene from Mahabharat (first four pictures of this post). Here is the video of the song:

The Lyrics of the song, was originally posted by Shivang in Orkut. I have LOVED this song since my childhood. I remembered this song even when I was busy with studies during my student life and completely forgot about Mytho shows. The Lyrics as well as the Music- both are Wonderful!! And Nitishji was too good!! His acting while reading the letter is So Real!!

Binati suniye....
Binati suniye, nath hamari; binati suniye, nath hamari.
Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari, Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari;
Mor-mukut pitambardhari, binati suniye nath hamari.

Janam janam ki lagi lagan hai, ho o o, Janam janam ki lagi lagan hai;
Saakshi taaron bhara gagan hai,
Gin gin shwaas aas keheti hai, aayenge Shri Krishn Murari,
Binati suniye, nath hamari.

Satat pratiksha apalak lochan, ho o o, Satat pratiksha apalak lochan;
He bhavbaadha, vipati-vimochan,
Swagat ka adhikar dijiye, sharnagat hai nayan poojari,
Binati suniye, nath hamari.

Aur kahun kya antaryami, ho o o, Aur kahun kya antaryami;
Tan man dhan praano ke swami,
Karuna kar, aakar yeh kahiye, swikari binati swikari,
Binati suniye, nath hamari,
Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari, Hridayeshwar Hari Hridayvihari;
Mor-mukut pitambardhari, binati suniye nath hamari.
Binati suniye, nath hamari; binati suniye.......... nath hamari.

Now we have the song from Shri Krishna serial (Picture number 5 to 8 in this post). Here is the video (a bit lengthy video of the whole sequnce) :

The lyrics (along with its English Translation) were originally posted by Lola in India Forums. I really Love the lines- "Varan haran jo bhi karo, charan sharan do Naath" - such should be the ideal approach!! I become So emotional while listening to this song... All the words are So True!! One of the excellent compositions by Ravindra Jain. Pinky Parikh, who acted in the role of Rukmini here, acted So well.... I could FEEL her emotions with each line...

Duvidha Beech Padi, Preet Meri Duvidha Beech Padi – my love is amidst a dilemma
It Man Ki Baaj Khenche, It Kul Ki Laaj Roke – my heart pulls me one way, and my family's honor another
Duvidha Beech Padi, Preet Meri Duvidha Beech Padi

Main Preet Ko Nibhaaun,Yaan Reet Ko Nibhaaun – should I heed the voice of my heart, or that of tradition
Sankat Ki Hai Ghadi, Preet Meri Duvidha Beech Padi – it is a time of crisis for my heart

Varan Ki Jo Puchho, To Beete Yugon Mein – when it comes to marriage, then since eons
Ramaanath, Apna Varan Ho Chuka Hai – O lord of Lakshmi, we've already been married
Haran Ki Jo Socho To Man, Praan, Atma – speaking of abduction my heart, my life, my soul
Kabhi Se Sabhi Ka, Haran Ho Chuka Hai – all have been abducted so long ago
Tumharo, Hamaro Naathji Aadi-Ant Ko Saath X2 – yours and mine, o lord, is a union that precedes the beginning of time and outlasts the end of it
Varan, Haran, Jo Bhi Karo, Charan Sharan Do Naath! – so whether by marriage or abduction this time, just give me refuge at your sacred feet

Phoolon Pe Tum To Soye, Daasi Tumhaari Roye – you might be sleeping on a bed of flowers, but here your maid is in tears
Kaanton Beech Khadi, Akeli Roye Kaanton Beech Khadi –standing amidst thorns, she cries
Main Preet Ko Nibhaaun, Yaan Reet Ko Nibhaaun – should I heed the voice of my heart, or that of tradition
Sankat Ki Hai Ghadi, Preet Meri Duvidha Beech Padi – it is a time of crisis for my heart

And now, we are taking up the same sequence from the famous novel Krishnavatara by K M Munshi. Here he has created the character of Krishna with a 'realistic approach' to show how the teachings/ ideals of the Lord can be followed in this time also (i.e.- in Kaliyug)... Here also we find Complete Surrender from Rukmini, her words are full of Longing for the Lord, very very true to her emotions:-

Lord of the Yadavas, Noble son of Vasudeva,
Receive the humble prostrations of Thy devoted
Rukmini, daughter of Bhishmaka, the Best of Bhojas.

Seven autumns ago, when I saw Thee first,
I gave myself to thee for this life,
And all the lives to come.

Never and never have I forgotten,
Awake or asleep or in dreams,
That I am Thine and Thou art mine.

The fiat of Demon has gone forth,
The swayamvara is fixed for akshaya tritiya,
And I am left with no choice.

I am Thy wedded wife before the gods,
I have no more will to choose:
Even if I had, I have already chosen.

Come, Lord, with the eagle banner flying,
As soon as Thou dost receive this message.
I pine for Thee as the calf pines for the cow.

If I am alive, carry me away with Thee:
If I am dead, take my ashes away,
And scatter them where they will lie,
For Thee to tread upon.

Dear friends, Lord always values- Sincerity. 'Complete Surrender' to the Lord is the Only way to Peace (i.e.- eternal Hapniss, Blissful state), which is the final aim of our life. Today I just wanted to highlight the 'Surrendership' element in Rukmini through her message to Krishna, all of them are very very Dear to me!

Jai Shri Krishna!

Here are some links about the novel 'Krishnavatara':-


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